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Top 7 Prom Night Tips

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We all know prom is a BIG deal but it can be super stressful. Between getting a date, finding the perfect dress, and finding the money to pay for it all, what’s supposed to be the best night of high school can quickly turn into the most stressful event all year. With some smart planning, you can avoid freaking out on your special night.

We’ve decided to make a short list for you and your friends to ensure you have a stress-free prom night.

# 1 Buy A Portable Phone Charger

Nothing can ruin your Snap story quicker than having your phone battery die. Be sure you pick up a portable charger to help you keep your phone alive all night long so you can post to Instagram as much as you want to.

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#2 Bring Gum With You

The absolute LAST thing you want to have on prom night is breath that could kill your date. Grab a couple of sticks of gum or a handful or mints to take with you. Your date will thank you.

#3 A Credit Card or Cash

You never know when you’re going to need extra money during prom night. You and your friends may buy some gum on the way or grab some food afterwards so it’s best to be prepared.

#4 Perfume or Deodorant

Prom is going to be hot (party wise and temperature wise). Let’s face it: a room full of dancing teenagers may get sweaty (and smelly) so you should bring a small deodorant stick or perfume just in case.

#5 Anti-inflammatory or Upset Stomach Meds

You’re going to be standing and dancing A LOT so you should have some anti-inflammatory medicine in your pocket. If you’re prone to stomach problems, you may want to bring something to ease your stomach as well but you don’t want to be carrying around a bunch of medicine the entire night so just bring one dose.

#6 Bring Hair Spray/Gel

As we said before, things could get sweaty once you’re dancing up a storm so your hair may run into some problems. An easy fix is to have some hair spray (and maybe a small towel) with you to whip that hair back into shape.

#7 Have Fun!

This is the most important prom tip we could give you. Even though it is a big night for you and your peers, always remember that you are there to have fun. Don’t stress out if things don’t go exactly the way you thought they would. Be happy and enjoy your night!

If you are interested in renting a limo for your prom night, you can call us at (850)-575-0117 or send us an email

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